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核心提示: 青花开光人物纹梅瓶 高:45cm 口径:5.5cm 底径:13.5cmA blue and white figure w...

青花开光人物纹梅瓶 高:45cm 口径:5.5cm 底径:13.5cm

A blue and white figure with a plum vase Height: 45cm, diameter: 5.5cm, base diameter: 13.5cm


As a result, the mongols in the north were fascinated by the historical stories of the han people in the south. Solidify the story on the thick and strong porcelain jar, put it into the yurt, while storing the food and sundries, you can always enjoy the endless drama stories. Even if you use your foot carelessly, it will not be broken easily. Its drawing, general use cut paper or engraving mold to take its part of the jigsaw, color on the porcelain. It reveals a strong flavor of New Year paintings. Because lack original, divide modelling to differ, exquisite degree is similar. The yuan dynasty was a period of intense cultural integration between the north and the south. Can not see the future of confusion, do not know how many knowledge of ancient and modern intellectuals. However, cultural integration always produces the ultimate result, which was clearly recognized by the painter wuzhen (1280--1354) at that time. He is a master of celestial imagery, a master of painting and calligraphy, and walks among mountains and rivers. To express this result in his own way of understanding the world and also explain the historical law of cultural convergence. Because at that time too make public of bright blue, on a lot of han people idea is hard to accept, this can is used on show color is tinge. Unique artistic conception and profound cultural connotation make people infinite daydream.


Yuan dynasty, with its vast territory and no garrison, was a more active period in China's ancient history. The civilian culture of the yuan dynasty is very prosperous, tang poetry and song ci, yuan song and Ming and qing novels are the three great treasures in the history of ancient Chinese literature. Abstract painting in yuan dynasty is simple, broad and magnificent. Yuan dynasty porcelain industry more prosperous, more open style. Yuan porcelain is generally light and light in color, simple and accurate in hair color. In particular, jingdezhen and yonghe town in jiangxi province is a great gathering and outstanding. Blue and white, single color glaze, thin flat glaze and glaze underglaze color, glaze color, such as the emergence of black glaze wood leaf patterns and the eye of the sky. The coexistence of roughness and preciseness almost covers all varieties of the Ming and qing dynasties, laying a solid foundation for modern porcelain making. From the profound nature of song porcelain to the direct expression of yuan porcelain thought, the art of song and yuan porcelain, though different in style, is profound and extraordinary. It is the two peaks in the history of porcelain making in China after the five dynasties. After the yuan dynasty, Chinese artworks basically ceased to be original, and developed to the small taste of artful elegance. Choose high quality sisal bin soil with good air permeability. Apply a layer of opaque glaze on the inner wall of the thin inner tire to release the air pressure inside the tire outwards and enhance the dynamics of blue and white painting. This kind of technology has been used in qing dynasty. Yuan dynasty had "three, six, nine" digital worship, among which "nine" is the supreme number. The popular social phenomenon at that time was the desire of the literati and officialdom. This blue and white hair color is gorgeous, the character deion vividly conveys the spirit, such as uncanny craftsmanship, is breathtaking.


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